One Page Plans

One Page Poster Plan

The One Page Poster Plan can be a simple yet effective way to present a plan.  

The KISS formula - Keep It Sweet and Simple - method is used.  The plan includes a large colorful and simple map with photographs, and a list of goals or projects that will be followed. The plan can be printed as a large poster, and as an 8.5  by 11 inch handout, or placed on a blog as shown here.  

Variations of this theme include an 11  by 17 inch brochure. 

Click on the Plan Map to make it larger.

Richton Park Plans

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Green Edge Plan

Tax Increment Financing District (TIF)

The map above depicts the five Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts in downtown Peoria. Most of the area is also in the Enterprise Zone. These powerful redevelopment tools are sometimes necessary to assist theredevleopment of older neighborhoods.

Southtown TIF is shown in red. This older TIF helped completely redevelop what was once a very deteriorated area. A new TIF assisted medical clinic is under construction on Main Street. But for the TIF, this clinic would have been constructed in a suburban area.

The Warehouse District shown in yellow is the newest 
TIF. This TIF should help revitalize this area of old industrial lofts.

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