One Page Poster Plan

The One Page Poster Plan can be a simple yet effective way to present a plan.  

The KISS formula - Keep It Sweet and Simple - method is used.  The plan includes a large colorful and simple map with photographs, and a list of goals or projects that will be followed. The plan can be printed as a large poster, and as an 8.5  by 11 inch handout, or placed on a blog as shown here.  

Variations of this theme include an 11  by 17 inch brochure. 

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Richton Park Plans

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Green Edge Plan

Tax Increment Financing District (TIF)

The map above depicts the five Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts in downtown Peoria. Most of the area is also in the Enterprise Zone. These powerful redevelopment tools are sometimes necessary to assist theredevleopment of older neighborhoods.

Southtown TIF is shown in red. This older TIF helped completely redevelop what was once a very deteriorated area. A new TIF assisted medical clinic is under construction on Main Street. But for the TIF, this clinic would have been constructed in a suburban area.

The Warehouse District shown in yellow is the newest 
TIF. This TIF should help revitalize this area of old industrial lofts.

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River Trail Drive


Sustainable Economic Development Strategy

Sustainable Economic Development combines economic development and environmental improvement into one discipline. Follow the principles below:

Leave your City better then you found it.

"Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.“

· Increase Sustainability and Green Technology
· Retain and Expand Existing Businesses
· Nurture and Grow New Businesses 

· Revitalize the Heart of Peoria
· Attract New investment and Business

· Create a Positive Image of the City
· Increase the Diversity of the Economic Base
· Provide Solid Jobs at Good Wages
· Promote efficient buildings
· Use recycled material in buildings

· Recycle building material waste
· Encourage rain harvesting & irrigation
· Use passive solar orientation of 
· Encourage solar and wind energy systems
· Employ green roofs

· Support the use of natural landscaping
· Improve municipal staff knowledge of “green” techniques
· Support quality construction for long lived buildings
· Encourage mixed use development
· Support walk to work programs

· Design wetlands, drainage systems, retention and bio swales into parks
· Update codes to encourage “green” development
· Support the local production of “green” technology equipment
· Encourage development that supports transit
· Support efforts to redevelop older communities
· Permit Live / Work Space development
· Support natural open space and parks
· Use open surface natural drainage where feasible 

· Incorporate bikeways and pedestrian path
· Minimize pavement widths & cost & material
· Encourage geothermal energy
· Require street trees

More info below:

309 494 8640

“Greening” Peoria

October 1, 2009 First Draft

Improve our Environment

Revitalize our Neighborhoods

Compact central cities are inherently “Green”.They were originally developed on transit systems, and built at high density.

Trips to work, shopping, and schools can be made by walking or transit.

But our historic areas have also “hollowed out”. Most
Downtowns have little retail, and a great deal of near
in housing has been demolished or is vacant.

The City will do the following to revitalize older areas:

Help developers create new green housing & businesses

TIF and Enterprise Zone incentives will be used 

Mixed use development will be emphasized

Energy efficient buildings will be encouraged
Walkability of the city will be improved
The Rivers edge will be enhanced

Bike trails & racks will be provided

Transit will be improved

Solar and Wind energy will be incented

Renewable energy sources will be sought
Trees and natural landscaping will be planted
Air and water quality will be improved

Build the Block will be a "Green"Showcase, with Leed Certified buildings and green technology.

Warehouse District



Hospitality Improvement Zone

The City Council Authorized City Staff to meet with downtown hotels and other property owners to investigate possible methods to assist downtown on January 22, 2008. The first meeting will be with the Peoria Civic Center on January 24, 2008

Background: The Peoria Civic Center has completed a major expansion. The Center now contains over 110,000 square feet of exhibit space, 27,000 square feet of meeting space, and 18,000 square feet of 
pre-function space.

In 2002, the Civic Center Authority hired Johnson Consulting to analyze the Center’s master plan. In the consultant’s experience and opinion, hotels physically attached to Convention Centers in northern climates are much more successful than hotels that are not attached. According to the study, downtown Peoria needs more hotel rooms, a view shared by the Peoria Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. The Peoria Civic Center Authority indicates that a number of potential conventions have not selected Peoria because of the lack of an adequate number of rooms.

Improved downtown hotels are desirable to support the Civic Center, and to match the quality of hotels provided by our competitors. Improved civic, entertainment, restaurant, and retail services are needed.

In 2006 the Civic Center and the City retained 
HVS, a quality hospitality industry consultant. The study documented the need for more and better hotels to support the Civic Center. It also documented the fact that the downtown hotels continue to struggle, with relatively low occupancy. In 2007 a study by a Six Sigma Black Belt further examined the need for more hotel rooms to increase economic activity in the City Center.

Downtown Peoria faces competition from other conference and convention centers in the 
region. The addition of the Lincoln Museum has greatly enhanced Springfield’s attractiveness for conferences. Normal is completing a major new conference center and hotel with substantial governmental assistance. The Embassy Suites has opened in East Peoria, and received substantial TIF assistance. Tinley Park built their center with substantial governmental assistance, and are preparing a major expansion. Four new hotels are underway or planned near Grand Prairie without any assistance. These hotels are a welcome economic addition to the City, but will also further challenge downtown business.

The City of Peoria continues to search for ways to assist our downtown business compete with these new challenges. Possible ways to assist downtown business include the formation of a Hospitality Improvement Zone (
HIZ), with these possible programs

Enterprise Zone (sales tax on materials & 5 year property tax abatement, already in place)

Historic Tax Credits for buildings older than 1936. (The year is a federal requirement)

Creation of a Tax Increment Financing (up to 23 year property tax incentive)

Business District Development and Redevelopment District (new sales or hotel tax)

Special voluntary 
HRA Tax to be used for capital improvements

Special Service Assessment for capital and infrastructure improvements

City or Civic Center supported capital expenditures

Fa├žade Improvement Program

RECOMMENDATION: Authorize staff to meet with downtown business, citizens, and governments to investigate possible methods to help our downtown compete.

Financial Impact: None at present. There may be impact, depending on steps that the Council may choose to pursue after completion of the meetings.

NEIGHBORHOOD CONCERNS: Not known, but will be investigated as part of the meetings..

Impact if Approved: Staff will meet with representatives of downtown business and report back to the City Council.

Impact if Denied: No staff action will be taken.

Alternatives: None.

EEO Certification Number: N/A.

RELATIONSHIP TO THE COMPREHENSIVE PLAN: Downtown improvements are consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.


GOAL: A. Provide an economic environment that supports existing and new businesses

More info on the HIZ (Hospitality Improvement Zone)



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The fountains shown in these images could be a great attraction for the Peoria region. The smaller fountains are estimated to cost $150,000 a piece, with an estimated additional $100,000 endowment to pay for energy, maintenance and replacement costs.

The larger fountain would cost about $500,000 each, with an estimated $400,000 endowment to pay for maintenance, energy, and maintenance costs. The smaller fountains could run during the day and early evening in the summer. The larger fountains could run on weekends at 5:00 pm, or on festivals and holidays. The musical theme of the fountains could be “Hands Across the Water”, and/or “Meet Me in the Middle.” Colored lights in the evening would add to the effect.

More info at:

Eagle View Industrial Park and TIF Redevelopment Area


Big Build Up

The Big Build Up illustrates with photos and a spread sheet over an aerial photograph the major developments taking place in Peoria, Illinois.

Big Build Up


Rivers Edge Redevelopment Iniative


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